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Let me tell you my story

It can be said that I found photography relatively late. Depends of course how to compare, but I don’t have the story, that when I was 5 years old I took my grandfather's zenith camera and made the first clicks and so on. Until the age of 29, photography was just an artform for me. Small tests were done with one time cameras and with some digital compact cameras and that was it. I had no clue about photography world overall. Rather, I had an attitude that majority of people are already taking photos of everything and so what the hell I’m going to do there.

By overall I’m a person who wants to be in constant self-growth. Keep moving forward in life, experience new things and just be a better person every next day. Once upon a time, when being a young boy I went to sauna evenings with my father and his friends. After sauna when men started to talk their own talks I went to the forest and discovered new places, wandered around and it was all very exciting. Being open to different experiences and adventures most likely brought photography into my world. I have always been interested in technology. I like to dig deeper in the meaning of life and also see things from different perspectives. As you can see, all this already existed in the past, but I just didn't know how to recognise and connect the dots together. Until I borrowed a friends Canon 7D DSLR camera and I had to take some photos with it.

About 3-4 months later, in january 2017, I purchased my first Canon 80D crop sensor DSLR camera with Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 lens and adventures could begin. First I liked to hang around in the city at night. I remember wanting to just experience those moments that we usually miss. At 1am at night, most people sleep, but I liked to go out to capture photos with slow shutter speeds. Capture the starry sky and some of the only vehicles that left 
those light trails. Night photography also took me more out of my comfort zone and there were situations where I had to change the camera settings quickly and in complete darkness. This led to the knowledge that I had to be able to set up the camera very quickly, even with so called eyes closed, because some moments lasted only few seconds. It was constant self-development. I learned that in Estonia it is also possible to see the northern lights and I succeeded to capture this extraordinary phenomena few times. One adventure led to another and I began to find myself more in nature.

If you look at nature a bit deeper, then it is so real. Nature does not have a mask, it is pure and beautiful. If it decides that now there will be a storm or it will be cloudy suddenly, then so be it. Nature doesn't care what anyone else thinks. This pure and real essence of nature inspires me. Real things in our life. Experiencing these extraordinary moments, for example being in the middle of a foggy bog in early summer morning. Capturing a winter wonderland in -25 degrees or being just 50 meters away from two male deers fighting. Experiencing and being part of these rare real moments in our wonderful nature makes me passionate about landscape and nature photography.

Written articles

Two weeks in Madeira island using the Sigma 100-400mm f/5-6.3 dg dn os contemporary lens.
You can find the written article here (it is in Estonian).

"The Curious Look"  won The State Forest Management (RMK) award in the 2021 "Estonian Nature" magazine photo competition. It was the biggest photo competition of the year.
You can see the competition gallery here
Photo in my website here: "The Curious Look"


09.06.2019 photo competition "Canon Spring photo"
Photo "Good Morning Homeland" was selected among the 20 best photos from 496 works.
Photo in my website here

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